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With our ready-for-landing Mandke Lighthouse Helipad, we offer you the Convenient of Time & Luxury. Spend more time at your favourite holiday destination rather than en route, yet experience the most breath-taking aerial views throughout a luxurious journey.


Feel safe & secure with Mandke Aviation Services, on India’s first and only Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter. Powered by a Rolls Royce RR300 Engine & a Garmin Navigation System, this fully air-conditioned helicopter is safe as well ultra-luxurious. A certified & experienced team of friendly pilots are set to welcome you on board.

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A five minute walk away from your holiday home is the Palshet Cove Beach Jetty. On its way to being developed into a full-fledged Marina, this will offer you the luxury of a private parking for your yacht or sail boat. So sail into the pristine waters of the beach for a relaxing evening or travel by sea to Mumbai, in just 3 hrs!